The Bells

St. Andrew's Church has a ring of six bells - the tenor weighing 13cwt. 0qrs. 20lbs. Five of the bells were cast at the foundry of William Brend of Norwich. The Treble is the newest bell being cast by Thomas Newman also of Norwich. The Second is the oldest being made by William and Alice Brend in 1596. This bears the inscription Omnis Sonus Laudet Dominum. The Third was cast by William Brend in 1613 and the Fourth, also in 1613 by William Brend. The Fifth was cast in 1602 By William and Alice Brend and the Sixth was another by William and Alice in 1613.

In February, 2001, the bells and the cast iron frame were lowered to the ground to enable vital structural work to be carried out on the tower. The bells were all cleaned and were on display in the church throughout the year. The Fifth bell was badly cracked and went to a firm of specialist bell repairers - Soundweld - in Cambridgeshire. Adjustments needed to be made to some of the clappers and the Fifth was in need of a new headstock. New ropes were also fitted to all the bells.

Building work on the fabric of the tower is now completed and the bells are back in use. The Service of Re-dedication was held on 13th April. For photos taken at the service please go to Main Index.

While the bells were down the small band of ringers, who learnt to ring for the Millennium, practised on the bells of St. Andrew's Church in the neighbouring village of Weybread. Since the bells were returned the Wingfield ringers have been greatly helped by a few experienced ringers from other towers who regularly attend Wingfield practices. Fund raising continues and Wingfield Mugs and Tea towels and Paper weights made from castings taken from the makers' seals on the Second bell are still available from Mrs. Sheila Kent. Tel. 01379 384561. There is also a small book written by Betty Syrett, a Wingfield ringer for more than fifty years, on The Bells and Bellringers of Wingfield.

Donations for the Bells can be sent to:
T.W. Gee
Hon Treasurer
Abbey Cottage
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