The Tombs

There are three outstanding tombs to be seen. The earliest one is of Sir John de Wingfield, whose widow Alianore carried out his wishes in 1362 to found a Chantry College and to make Wingfield a Collegiate Church. His tomb is on the north wall to the west of the present Vestry Door.

The next oldest monument is on the south side of the Sanctuary This is the tomb of Michael de la Pole second Earl of Suffolk and his wife Katharine, daughter of the Earl of Stafford. He died at Harfleur in 1415. This is a rare example of a wooden tomb.

The third monument lies on the north side of the Sanctuary. It is of alabaster and depicts John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk who died in 1491 and his wife, Elizabeth Plantagenet, sister of Edward IV and Richard III. He was the son of Alice de la Pole who extended the Chancel after the death of her husband, William in 1450.

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